The Current PPO Model: A Broken System

The Current PPO “Discount” Model: A PPO is a type of managed-care system in which health care providers, such as doctors and hospitals, have made an agreement with insurance companies and TPAs to offer substantially discounted fees to plan sponsors/covered members. The intent of the system has a kind of "you scratch my back and [...]

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Why Small Employers WILL Drop Their Group Health Coverage

Remember the old Saturday morning cartoons where the Coyote, in yet another failed attempt to catch the elusive Roadrunner, would order some TNT from Acme, hide it in a big pile of birdseed, and wait patiently for his target to take the bait? The plan, of course, was to blow the little sucker up when [...]

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Large Employers Using “Skinny Plan” to Combat ACA Penalties

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has required large employers to play a role in the health insurance business. Whereas previously, health insurance was an added benefit offered to employers in an attempt to attract and retain valuable employees. Now, employers are not only required to offer coverage or pay a penalty – known as the “play [...]

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