Pharmacy Benefit Management Program

Nexus Benefit Professionals, LLC understands that companies that are data rich and data smart can more effectively and efficiently determine the potential bene ts funding needs for their members. We believe that is the greatest and best use of the invaluable data collected to proactively manage chronic conditions, as well as proactively prevent them.

Beyond the savings of better managing chronic conditions, preventing one chronic condition can result in a tremendous amount of savings, as well as hardship for one of your employees.

We always make generic drugs have a $0 co-pay to help incentivize lower cost, yet effective drugs. We also have the ability to get drugs at wholesale pricing, saving the plan a ton of money.

Our partnership with NPS has a team of pharmacists, with the help of several hundred employer groups, and have developed a series of data management support products – the NPS Snapshot Report – specifically designed to help companies make wise choices on current and future plan designs. This series of accurate, intuitive, easy-to-read reports help companies maximize their productivity and minimize their decision time, making them invaluable tools in auditing plan funding.