Wellness Program

The Premier Plan incorporates a comprehensive health, wellness, disease management, and prevention program which is clinically designed and proven to improve employee health, reduce health care costs, decrease absenteeism and presenteeism (in “attendance” but not focused) and increase productivity. The wellness and prevention program is a key element of the Premier Plan since it is designed to assist employees and their families in maintaining and improving their health, which has the indirect benefit of reducing health care costs for both employees and employers.

Our wellness program helps you with the all the aspects of running your program with resources designed to:

  • Create an engagement plan and manage its progress.
  • Ready-to-use material suitable for print, e-mail, web-based or snail mail.
  • Offer the right resource to the right person at the right time.
  • All your activities, our resources and yours. Who did what, when and what was the outcome… and do they want more?
  • Participation and/or outcomes-based. What works for your organization – ManageWell delivers.
  • Report anything you want to know, on-demand. (All HIPAA compliant, of course.)

Reach All Your Employees, Everywhere.

Consistent, targeted, messaging across multiple locations is a seamless with our program. Whether you want to reach all male spouses or female employees over the age of 50 who haven’t participated in a wellness event in the last 90 days, it’s easier than you think with our program.

Communication can be done in every way, including print, e-mail, snail mail, or logging into the web-portal.

One of the greatest resources of the program is created by the health experts at Mayo Clinic, and provide the following benefits:

  • Mayo Clinic Health Assessment
  • Mayo Clinic EmbodyHealth portal
  • Mayo Clinic EmbodyHealth newsletters
  • Mayo Clinic Health Coaching

We have found the best wellness program out there and it is a critical component in the success of your health plan.