About Us

Nexus Benefit Professionals, LLC is a national employee benefits and risk management firm serving professional practices, businesses, governments, labor organizations and not-for-profit groups. The firm was founded by attorneys, accountants, financial planners, IT and other professionals who had a simple vision - to provide America's small to mid-size clients with the same high-quality employee benefits, executive compensation and risk management solutions previously only available to the largest of corporations.

The founders recognized that employee benefits and risk management involve complex issues for clients that require multi-dimensional analysis and solutions. Simply throwing insurance at a problem doesn't fix the underlying challenges. Employee benefits, executive compensation, and risk management require a thorough understanding of the underlying issues from multiple vantage points in order to develop an appropriate solution. Small to mid-size businesses and other organizations typically cannot afford the same level of analysis engaged in by larger corporations. Nexus steps up to the plate, to provide the intellectual and technological capacity that allows businesses, governments, and organizations of all sizes to play in the big leagues.

Over the years our vision has held true and we have continued to expand our professional team to include health and pension actuaries, health plan administrators, economists, ERISA attorneys, former IRS attorneys, investigators, and auditors. To better serve our clients we have expanded our services to include benefit plan administration, actuarial valuation reports for OPEB and Pension liabilities, proprietary benefit plan designs, health plan audits, and insurance brokerage services. In addition, we have made significant investments in technology to better serve the growing informational needs of employees, employers, and advisors.