Enrollment Solutions

We Provide Seamless Enrollments

Working with benefits takes a lot of knowledge – and juggling skills.  On one end, you’re helping your clients develop a solid benefits and  enrollment strategy. On the other, you’re studying every last detail of  each client enrollment, working to pull them off perfectly. There’s  hardly enough time in the day.

We can help. Our complete, end-to-end enrollment solutions are  designed to lift the administrative burden from your shoulders, yet keep  you in control at all times. With flexible enrollment options, we can  handle as much, or as little, of the enrollment process as you need – at  no direct cost to you.

We’ll consult with you to plan, execute and follow through with your enrollment, in the way that best suits your clients’ needs.

Core & Voluntary Services

We make life easier for you current broker, your administrative staff, and your employees. 

How much we are involved is up to you and it will never cost you anything.

Individual & Private Counseling

Give them the opportunity to have a personal, private consultation.

We help them understand how their benefits package can be uniquely tailored for their needs. 

End-to-end Enrollment

Effective communication and planning for groups up to 10,000+ lives.

We have benefit counselors available for multiple locations and states, and technology for any remote employees.

Support After Enrollment

Want to know what your employees think? We can survey them if you'd like. 

It would be easy to do within their online portal. HR enjoys our technology making new hires and annual re-enrollments simple.

Benefits Communication

Pre-enrollment communication is provided through a customized website with benefits booklets and informational videos.

Post enrollment communication provides employees with an enrollment report card and access to claim services.

Benefit Appreciation Increases

We want your employees to know how much you provide to them.

We give every employee a customized illustration specific to them with a paycheck illustration and a benefits statement.