Employer Programs

Free ePOP Services

Premium Only Plans allow employees to have a portion of their life and  health insurance premium deducted from their pay on a pre-tax basis.  

Telemedicine Program (MDLive)

Employees  for all of our accounts who sit down and meet with a benefits counselor can opt in for  MDLive coverage with a zero dollar consultation fee. 

Complimentary AD&D

$10,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment program is the offered to every employee who sits down and meets with a benefits counselor.

Identity Theft Program

Employees who sit down and meet with a benefits counselor can opt in for one year of identity monitoring that helps with  the burden of recovering from identity theft. 

Legal Document Preparation

This program is offered to employees who sit down and meet with a benefits  counselor and can opt in for one year of legal document preparation services. 

Financial Wellness Program

Our online platform that provides financial education through phone access to financial counselors, webinars, and budget calculators.

Value Added Services

Our Employer Services Help Save Your Clients Time and Money

Today’s  employers are facing increased challenges – complying with health plan  changes, new administrative responsibilities and managing benefits  costs, while remaining competitive in hiring and retaining workers. 

That’s why we offer a long list of services at no direct cost to you.  We understand that you can’t afford added work when you offer voluntary  benefits to your employees. Our meaningful employer services can help  you address a number of pressing human resources concerns, in addition  to savings through our voluntary benefits product strategies, benefits  counseling and enrollment services.

Employers truly give their employees a win with our service offering.  At no direct cost to you,our employer services help you meet your  client's needs, in addition to saving through our voluntary benefits  product strategies, benefits counseling and enrollment services. 

We even make administration easy with  access to a suite of online services in order to quickly and easily conduct business with us.  This also provides resources for HR questions with an  HR website that provides daily news, tips, research tools and more. 

Custom Website for Employees

Our interactive website available to accounts with 50+ lives (or so...). It's  used to educate and personalize the experience of benefits counseling  and enrollment for employees. This is an entertaining way for employees  to explore their unique benefits needs and tailor a specific package. 

Employees can find valuable information on different types of  insurance coverage. It also offers information on financial protection,  insurance terms, changing needs at different life stages, and how to  save for retirement, plus answers to frequently asked benefits  questions.

Employees can view a summary of the recommendations benefit options,  make adjustments, add notes, and print the summary for their 1-to-1  session with a benefits counselor.